Emmy-nominated, BAFTA & CASE Award winning filmmaker, Wayne Coe designed one sheets for Universal: Out of Africa, Back to the Future, Dune and Brazil. For several years he designed TV Guide ads for a variety of shows and feature releases.

Coe’s title sequence illustrations are Emmy winning. His board credits include title sequences for SE7EN, Dead Man on Campus, Spider-Man I, II & III, Argo and the  MARVEL & Godzilla King of Monsters.

Coe’s wrote and directed, GRIIM PRAIRIE TALES, 1990, with James Earl Jones and Brad Dourif. Coe produced and directed Award Winning videos, industrials and documentaries.

In the art world Mr. Coe is an interdisciplinary artist whose shown in LA, NY and Basel Switzerland. His work is a systematic inquiry into the workings of institutions, a practice the art world calls “institutional critique”.

 WE HAVE YOUR KIDS, is Coe’s debut documentary.

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