Coe’s wrote and directed, GRIIM PRAIRIE TALES, 1990, with James Earl Jones and Brad Dourif. Coe produced and directed Award Winning videos, industrials and documentaries. 

Coe’s an Emmy-nominated, BAFTA & CASE Award winning filmmaker who designed one sheets for Universal: Out of Africa, Back to the Future, Dune and Brazil. Coe’s award winning title credits include SE7EN, Dead Man on Campus, Spider-Man I, II & III, Argo and the  MARVEL & Godzilla King of Monsters.

In the art world Mr. Coe is an interdisciplinary artist whose shown in LA, NY and Basel Switzerland. His work is a systematic inquiry into the workings of institutions, a practice the art world calls “institutional critique”.

 WE HAVE YOUR KIDS, is his second feature.

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