Like The Irishman,

a potentially nightmarish situation.  Unchecked money and power have infected school districts across america. undeniably brave coe and gilger dared to expose pervasive corruption at the top.

8/10. Alan ng

“parents take on a school when a million dollar corruption endangers their kids.”

Produced & Directed by Wayne Coe

“Coe nails a highly complicated merger of crime & policy, of stealing and government at the nexus of politics and economics BEHIND thousands of school closings every year.”


8/10, undeniably brave parents, Wayne Coe and Steve Gilger, are the “David” and the behemoth “Goliath” is the Board of Education. we have your kids is a grassroots, underdog, uphill battle.

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“I’ve watched your doc, and I am blown away. You've really taught yourself how to make a movie. It's just amazing!

Rob Kahn, Mixology sound

“You really did an exceptional job putting this all together.  You should be commended for the fight you waged and for the effort put into this film. Great job.”

David Trulli, cinematographer


“If anything were to happen in the event of an emergency we’re SCREWED.”

                                            STUDENT POLL



"I'm amazed at this film. It is a tight story and the storyline is supported by clever/crazy graphics and a lot of nice "B" Roll. I really like how you've used the issue of the dangerous trains (both in story emphasis and in shots) throughout.”

Devin Hawker, copywriter


“The education industry is, among other things, a billion dollar industry and a billion dollar industry is more important than the life of a child.”

James Baldwin

Mr. Coe tells relentless lies, engages in character assassination and fabricates facts.”

superintendent Nuciforo & the Chatham Board of Education


All crime films are about capitalism

and all capitalism is about crime.”

Filmmaker, Abraham PolonskY

“Makes my blood boil...machinations and school board members who are complicit in running a cronyism system masquerading under the guise of the well being and intellectual advancement of students.

Arts writer & professor, Dominique Nahas

“Since the roll of education is to train students to perform tasks demanded by the new capitalist technology, disruption of the education process strikes a blow against the established order and futures the development of working-class consciousness.”                                                                                                                                                                                     

Vladimir Lenin

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