NYS COMPTROLLER: uncovers massive tax fraud to create a “fiscal cliff” to justify closing our school for profit.

 NYS Comptroller 2015 report: Overtaxation from 2010 - 2015 hid 10% of budget into 6 reserved accounts.  The graph shows that actual tax expenditure in red, were flat.  The tax increases were being diverted into “reserve accounts” above the statutory limit.  The limit is 4% of budget, administrative excess was 14%.

The comptroller wrote of “$2.9 million, 10% above NYS Real Property Tax law”, “excessive taxation”, overtaxation. 

The administration hid “excessive tax levy”, “excessively levied taxes” while declaring a “Fiscal Cliff” and “No Tax Impact” to close the Chatham Middle School.  It was to manufacture a phony, fake, fictions fiscal cliff to kill the school, cease the savings for the union employees.  This financial con is reflected in other NY chool audits.