Blue Lives Matter took over the Black Lives Matter committee and strangled it. The Blue Lives Matter report amounts to a lie to the governor to keep police profiteering untouched.

1700 taxpayers pay $200,000 in socialized welfare to 4 police officers for being white men who carry guns.  There’s no crime in Chatham.  Village of Chatham police provides no services.  This is front and center from the scant responders (about 10%).

There's no evidence the full-time police jobs in Chatham have gone to anyone but white men with guns.   For 150 years the village police have economically harmed women and people of color by discriminating against them.  That’s why black Americans have one-tenth the wealth of white Americans.  I am opposed to being taxed to harm my brothers and sisters.  In Dec. 2020, Trustee Minanhan hired 2 women and 2 blacks.

Five of ten collaborative members form the police union voting bloc. Boehme/Chief’s wife ($50,000 retirement), Minahan/trooper ($75,000 retirement), Alessi/Deputy, and Meyer’s BPA representative.  Four have made profits off policing all their lives.  Richardson is a labor consultant for the Village and an expert flak-producer for the Police  Union. The police are paid to attend. Blue Lives Matter police public comment, and never speak themselves the language of 203, never even use the number 203.  They will not speak words about Black Lives Matter, George Floyde, the long and painful history of NYS police discrimination against African Americans going back to the first enslaved Africans. 

1.    Blue Lives Matter conceals Police-control over 5 of the 10 committee members.  

2.     Suppress the language of 203.  They literally won’t speak the words: two zero three, white supremacy, black lives matter, George Floyde, and the 21 black victims, police-involved death, a 400-year history of discrimination in NYS policing.  They haven’t spoken the words in the 12 meetings I attended.  

The number 203 is absent from every poll, every email, and every village posting for six months.  BLM responded angrily when I asked if they knew the mission statement of Black Lives Matter?  They really hate BLM.  Their Police-gutted poll took five months to release.   Richardson attacked the first draft containing budget and police deployment information as “tainted and “contaminated”.

3.     They don’t want people to know the police budget — since that what 203 threatens.  Deputy Allesi promised to get it to me at the second meeting but I’m still waiting.  The budget was cut from the public survey.  Concealing the high costs of police. “I think only the Trustees know the actual police budget” (Richardson) is BLM’s highest priority. 

4.     The police provide most villagers with no services, so no data on services is provided.

5     I said I’m not comfortable with loaded weapons at meetings and Trustee Boehme’s wife cut me off, YOUTUBE, 17:30.  The police show up to meetings about police violence wearing loaded weapons.  This drove off the two black and one youth focus group leaders.  The police arrive with loaded guns evoking a queasy, menacing illegitimacy to Blue Lives Matter declarations they alone will edit the 203 report.

6.     Declare repeatedly this blue lives matter cabal has sole authority to the editor the police report, guaranteeing a slim positive lie to the governor to reinstate funding.

7.    The 203 report is a Governor specified mechanism to defund the police.    Richardson three times asserts it can’t be used to defund or close the police, entirely false. 

8.    No calendar so people know when to come and how to organize.   Kill outreach and feedback from community “stakeholders” by keeping the collaborative is secret.  They declare the meetings are public but hold them without notification denying access.  


9.     No records.  No video or audio recordings, for 5 months their deception.  Two ministers give impassioned speeches which the white police show zero empathy with, make no comment on, and erase by keeping no records.  Without records their manipulation, yelling down, insults, and omissions of 150 years of white supremacy are historically cleansed.

10.  I did outreach with a focus group of five young people to the school and the Blue Lives Committee retroactively interfered, killed my poll, told me “You said you quit.”  I was fired for including a link to Cuomo's 203, and BLM's mission statement.

Governor Cuomo’s 203 mission is to out white supremacy in NYS police.  So, the Blue Lives Matter folks grabbed committee control, sabotaged outreach, and muzzle the report.  All sentiment for Black Lives Matter, George Floyde’s crucifixion by police, and the 400-year history of white supremacy was eradicated.   No records of the minister and priests white supremacy research was recorded, it was all eradicated from history inside secret meetings.  In fact, in 12 hrs of video I shot, not once do the Blue Lives Matter folks express any empathy whatsoever for George Floyde or the two dozen racist-police victims.

Ruthless foxes run the henhouse.