Parents exercise direct democracy to stop the closure of their town’s nationally acclaimed school and expose the million dollar corruption that threatens their kids.

Coe's whistleblower financial-noir, features loving parents confronting administration profiteers to discover the “education crisis” is defined by the crisis makers: Teachers Unions, Banks, Insurance and Wall Street all pointing fingers away from themselves.  

We Have Your Kids amasses a truly unique investigation of school administrative systems.  Public access is systematically shut down: audio & video banned, public comment cut by 85%, meetings closed, parents manipulated by a netherworld of the private profiteers, Public school is revealed to be a private enterprise.  Special interests milk and manipulate poor kids, taxes, the electorate denied constitutional rights inside.  Even mainstream media, dries up once they find parent won’t back down.

The films star is a monster, the education industry, arming itself with policy and law, politics and finance, military-grade facial recognition cameras and armed police in pursuit of profit.  In broad view, our Empire is suffering spiritual anguish as capitalists close 1600 schools per year.

Are schools the further erosion of the America we grew up believing in — once-respected institution failing to serve the people?  Like the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court, big money has so influenced these institutions that they can no longer pretend to serve citizens. WE HAVE YOUR KIDS is an important, urgent, educational reconsideration; a spirited citizen-critique.


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