A three-year epic battle between two, poor, penniless artists fighting a multi-million dollar school, representing the many billion-dollar education industry of NYS; Literally justice fighting injustice with truth, honesty and integrity. When an imperious administrations’ million-dollar consolidation threatens their kids, vigilante parents occupy the school boardroom to indict and defeat, for the first time in the nation, the process and social devastation of a school closing.  

Coe's whistleblower financial noir stars a $1.2 trillion dollar monster, the U.S. education industry, a coercive octopus of the super-rich exploiting education.  

“The role of art of cinema is to make visible what is not visible in society.”

Costra-Gavras, Writer-Director

“All crime films are about capitalism. And all capitalism…is about crime.”

Filmmaker, Abraham Polonsky

Using his life as a title and short narrative designer, Coe relies on inventive, systems-animation that brings clarity to the terrifying legal, political, financial, and military forces controlling school kids and taxpayers. He obtains a rare student poll voicing the student rage at consolidators, live oratory from board members serving a larger narrative of driving industry profit. Viewers are embedded in the roiling machinations, wealth, violent power, and privilege of the Teacher Union, Wall Street, Insurance and Banking who share institutionalized profits.

Have American schools gone the way of Congress, the Executive and courts, where money runs the elections, and “representatives” can’t even pretend to represent the public? 

Coe and Gilger won’t back down.  Take a deep dive into the financial netherworld of bond profitability, banks mortgaging districts properties without oversight, and 1600 school closings that generate $1.6 billion a year from “schools no longer schooling and employees no longer employed.”

An "amazing”, citizen-led, whistleblower noir from Grim Prairie Tales creator, Wayne Coe.


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