A Michael Moore-type exposé by twice Emmy-nominate, Wayne Coe.  Loving parents trapped in a financial-noir of school tax-profiteers, political deception and corporate retaliation.   Audiences say, “Amazing”, “Entertaining”, “whistleblower”.

Coe's financial noir stars a monster, the quasi-private, trillion dollar education industry stripping kids of rights, locking parents out and tax-profiteering with militarily enforced state protection.  An important historical document of public journalism focused on the “education crisis”.   Justice fighting injustice; the Quixotic battle, the first parents ever, to stop a school closing.

“All crime films are about capitalism. And all capitalism…is about crime.”

Filmmaker, Abraham Polonsky

Coe applies inventive, systems-animation illustrating the corruption, duplicity and greed behind legal, political, financial, and military forces controlling kids. An insider student poll voices the rage and fear of consolidation, school closings.  Oratory from the public and machinations of board members serving their industry profiteers.

Viewers are embedded as never before in the roiling machinations of wealth, power, and privilege and “special interests” spending.

Have American schools gone the way of Congress, the Executive branch and courts, where money runs the elections, and “representatives” can’t even pretend to represent the public? 

Parents, Coe and Gilger, won’t back down.  Take a deep dive into the financial netherworld of 1600 school closings a year that generate $1.6 billion from “schools no longer schooling and employees no longer employed.”  

School fight, class war, thought crime; a stirring parent film for brave parents everywhere.

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