Coe's whistleblower film is an emotional exposé of loving parents and students trapped in a financial-noir of school tax-profiteers, deception and retaliation.  Parent's occupy their school when a corrupt administration's million-dollar endangers the kids.  WE HAVE YOUR KIDS is the heroic truth behind the first parents in the nation to stop a school closing.  First parents to identify who profits from closing thousands of U.S. schools, a 'Mr. Smith Goes to the School Board'.

Coe’s star is a monster, an implacable education industry surrounding students with military-grade facial recognition cameras and dangerous armed police.  A trillion-dollar industry, brandishing laws, money, politics, and police against fearless parents who won't back down till they achieve for the citizens an improbable, Quixotic victory.

Are Public schools the further erosion of the America we grew up believing in — once-respected institution failing to serve the people?  Like the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court, big money has so influenced these institutions that they can no longer pretend to serve citizens. WE HAVE YOUR KIDS is an important, urgent, educational reconsideration; a spirited student critique in the fearless pursuit of the killers of schools.