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I’m a parent and taxpayer concerned at the chronically excessive pay packages of NYS union teachers at the CCSD.  Everyone I know, opposes teacher’s being handed pay raises of 3 and 4% for the next three years.  The school’s charging us $30,000 per student for a mediocre education.  Fifty four percent of teachers are paid greater than $100,000 compensation (salaries and benefits, PDK poll attached). Not only are teacher costs unreasonable, they’re unjustified for three stars out of five on most websites and evidence of an unwholesome union monopoly over school boards who showers unregulated spending on employees. Put it to a public vote!  Make it mandatory the public vote in school elections.  Stop suppressing the vote so your voting bloc dominates. Stanford political science professor, Terry Moe’s SPECIAL INTERESTS: TEACHERS UNIONS AND AMERICAN PUBLIC UNIONS explains how the union voting bloc, campaign financing, internal organization and compensatory paybacks place school boards like Chathams in the Union’s pocket.

 In Columbia County $80K plus another $23K in benefits is two to three times what local workers can make.  The board is deaf to our suffering, because the board is bought.  We’re lucky to cobble together a $40,000 income with no benefits in Chatham.  These upper middle-class teachers exploit working families and our kids.  It’s wrong and we demand restrictive action.  No board member should be allowed who’s earning money from, as a spouse, employee or contractor public sector unions.   Cut the budget 3%, the 2015 NYS comptroller said you were overtaxing us all through consolidation 2% a year, while lying about a “fiscal cliff”, start feeding the money you hid in the Capital reserves back to the public you overtaxed.

You don’t inform us, quite the opposite, we have to go to a dull, deceptive board meetings with board imperiousness never far from the surface: Interruptions, arguments, slights, heckling, defamatory emails, framing people.  I attach the latest example, a threat during my 3 minute public comment.

We cannot afford Teachers Unions’ lavish pay stubs in Chatham.  Retired Chatham teachers, like two on the board, get about $80,000 a year.  A working person would have bank $2,500,000 to draw $80K retirement.  In the private sector, we’d have to put away $100,000 every working year, after expenses and taxes, all 25 years.  Our salary would have to be over $250,000 a year.  The managers of public education, the teachers unionized-board has elevated retired teachers to one percenters and compensatory entitlements.  This hasn’t happened overnight, it’s been a 40 year push to institutionalize union power.

By keeping the $1.2 trillion education industry secret, by not sending out newsletters (the Chatham connections vanished), by hiding board minutes behind byzantine Freedom of information laws, you rob us of legitimate oversight and delegitimization the board.  Chatham’s union voting bloc, 480 out of 700 voters, robs us of a responsive board that cares about kids.  We cannot afford these lavish pay stubs in Chatham.  This union board has put police in to terrorize kids and parents, locked us out by policy and locked doors and if I hadn’t of campaigned against military-grade facial recognition cameras, those would terrorizing us too.

The public has to face a board of teachers, teachers spouses, education contractors and retired state union and federal workers  who, to quote one, ”I’ve never paid a health care premium for myself or my family in my life.”  They’re totally out of touch with the poor, half Chatham’s kids are on free and reduced lunch.  Fourteen percent, $5,500,000, trainloads of cash, go out the back door because you, union toadies, let the insurance companies rob us.  In 2015 I estimated the average teacher’s insurance to be $15,000.  A Union negotiator just told me in 2020 it’s nearly $20,000.  The taxpayer’s misled, total opacity, total exploitation of your neighbors.

VOTE COPE, union campaign finance, raises $7,000,000 a year (attached) to own NYS school boards, budgets, bonds and school closings.  In a 2015 FOIL the CHATHAM contributed $114,000 to campaign financing to keep Non-union parents off the board (attached).  A teachers spouse boardmember, who voted to close the national School of Character, shouted at me, “you should talk.  WATCH IT!” 1.14.20, a threat clearly audible.  (attached)

Four mothers told me, “I won’t go to the board, they’ll retaliate against my kid.”  

Every taxpayer should VOTE IN MAY when the union holds it’s little quiet bloc party.  The public has nothing to lose by voting down the budget.  With armed officers and surveillance cameras pointed at kids I removed my kids.  After Watervliet’s SRO crimes, which the board papered over as, “the unfortunate incident at Watervliet”,  parents need to question whether kids are safe in NY imperial schools.

Greta Thunberg’s Time’s Person of the Year for boycotting public school.

Wayne Coe

Chatham, NY

I was threatened by one of these servile, greedy, vicious union toadies (attached) 

I doubt most members have any idea the roll they play in the imperial mission.  A mom accreted described the atmosphere “inside” the school:

“It’s a Religion.  They’re True believers.  They believe they’re doing the right thing and they have their holy books.  Their Priests tell them they’re righteous.  It’s an emotional structure.  They’re like the acolytes and the alter boys in the church. They doing their functions and they believe in the system.  Most believe they’re doing this for kids.  Except for a few puppet masters up on top, they all believe they’re doing God’s work.”

One years campaign financing for unions, $119,914, to control the school board.

TEACHERS UNION CAMPAIGN FINANCING PAC, VOTECOPE, Committee on Political Education.  politico.org