Enter the “collaborative” and you instantly feel the presence the violence behind capitalist greed; Jack London’s “The Iron Heel”.

Four have profited from policing all their lives.  Five of ten collaborative members form the PBA's voting bloc.  Boehme/Chief’s wife ($60,000 retirement), Minahan/trooper ($100,000 retirement), Alessi/Deputy, and Meyer’s BPA representative.  Richardson is a union consultant for the Village and an expert flak producer for the PBA.  PBA members are paid to attend. They police public comment, never speaking 203 and killing discussion and outreach about white supremacy.  

Police filters:

a) Concealing PBA control 5 of the 10 committee members.  (not disclosed)

b) Suppress the top page of 203, refusing to speak the words of white supremacy, black lives matter, George Floyde and the victims, police history with the enslaved.  Refusal to allow it to be distributed, killing collaborative discussions, responding angrily when members of the public bring up the top page.  (evidenced by my internal videos)

c) Conceal the high costs of police. “I think only the Trustees know the actual police budget” (Richardson)  Cut the budget from the survey.

d) Hide whether or not police provide any services.  (no services so nothing provided)

e) Concealing how few police get such generous pay packages. (not provided)

f) Prohibit any discussion of the public’s natural fear and animus toward armed police. (I said I’m not comfortable with loaded firearms at meetings and I was talked over by Boehme, YOUTUBE)

g) Intimidation, armed police presence greets all visitors from the public.

h) Declare and declare the PBA board's sole authority to editor the police report, while sternly (and falsely) asserting the report is prohibited from using 203 to close police.  The implementation begins and ends with the police budget.  The 203 report is a Governor specified mechanism to defund the police.

Formed by executive order 203 by Governor Cuomo’s to out white supremacy in NYS police, the police here combat outreach and muzzle talk of Black Lives Matter, George Floyde’s crucifixion by police, and the 400 year history of white supremacy. 

The PBA’s made a mockery of outreach to community “stakeholders” by keeping the collaborative is secret.  They They deny access, give no notification, fail to keep reasonable records of public meetings, keep no calendars, no video or audio recordings, for 5 months their deception has all been secret.   The corrupt practices go unchecked because those who suppress the top page of the Governor will write it’s lying report.  Without records of their manipulaion, yelling down, insults and omission of white supremacy for all out reach are historically cleansed (except for my videos).

The fox guards the henhouse.  The bloc, 5 of 10, prevents any public quorum interrupting their special interests.   You ask for, they promise nicely and fail to deliver budgets, deployment, crime activities and any essential police information, that would allow an assessment of their high cost and ineffectiveness.  Their public poll was gutted and delayed by the police.   They argue with and demean opposing views, they called the first poll draft with police information, “:tainted and “contaminated”.  Especially anyone who speaks the top page language of, Black Lives Matter and white supremacy.  They never speak a word of it, they hate it.  They show zero identification with the victims, the marches, and Cuomo’s executive order.  The police arrive with loaded guns evoking a queezy, menacing illegitimacy to PBA declarations they alone will edit and control the 203 report.

The top page of 203, “Black Lives Matter’s” mission is “to eradicate white supremacy” in NYS policing.  I brought up the polices’ discriminatory economic harm to women and people of color.  One hundred and fifty years of social welfare for white men carrying guns.  This is why black people have one tenth the wealth of whites, this pernicious and ongoing harm. Richardson cried, “you’re calling us all white supremests!”  I told him he’s putting words in my mouth.  But the PBA’s mission, to protect high paying ceremonial (they provide no services) jobs for white men with guns is in conflict with Cuomo’s, to eradicate white supremacy from NYS policing. 

The report the PBA promises amounts to lying to the governor to keep their profiteering spigot open.

1700 taxpayers pay $200,000 in socialized welfare to 4 police officers for being white men who carry guns.  There’s no crime in Chatham.  These police provide no services.  For 150 years the village police have economically harmed women and people of color.  No chief or deputy up till today, 2020 has been a woman or person of color.  That’s why black Americans have one tenth the wealth of white Americans.  I am opposed to being taxed to harm my brothers and sisters, opposed to having the PBA argue, delay and destroy public comment violating the spirit and letter of 203.

The most important aspect of 203 is public participation, the the collaboratives open and honest outreach and protection of the voiceless from police retaliation.  To deescalate and deter white supremacy by individual and community solidarity.  There’s no higher value in a democracy than what the masses think.  I record collaborative meetings and post them.  I respect what public discourse with cameras and documentation.   PBA’s intimidate the public away with loaded guns which breed fear, destroy trust, enforce control and silence the 99%.